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This is a partial copy of the very 1st post of the log, which I pretty much gave an intro. on who we are.

So I’m Andy from What is CondomBee you ask?  Well it’s an online store which you can buy condoms and other private items in the privacy of your own home and computer.

This is our promises to our buyers:

1) Privacy Guaranteed

2) Same Day Shipping (when purchased by 2 PM)

3) Lower Prices + all buyers will receive a discount code for future purchases

4) Discreet Shipping and Billing-You will never receive a package with the word “condom” on it, or will it appear on your bill.  Everything will be under our corporate name.

5) Satisfaction Guaranteed

Ok, I will be posting some randoms thoughts and things that is going on behind the scenes here.  But mostly, I will be posting up any new items and reviews by our staff, yes we do try out the stuff we sell, this way we know if they’re good or not, and promotions we’re having.

Besides the reviews, although I might skip reviews on some of the stuff because if I post every single one up it will be a lot of work and typing on my end, knowing some of the people here, they will probably give me 10 page reviews just so I have to read, condense and type it up.  I will also be posting up things such as news about the condom industry, links to articles that teaches you how to have better, hotter sex and guys I will post ARTICLES, or links to them, FROM LADIES THAT REVEALS SOME OF THE STUFF THEY LIKE DURING SEX, at least you won’t look so lost and won’t get a nickname like rabbit…..if you don’t get that joke….well that’s a good thing?  We will also have provide you with places to go to get more info about safe sex.  Also, I will try to get doctors and pharmacists to come on to answer questions, if you guys post them.  I will make it post a fews days before so everyone will know.

Anyways, this just an intro to this blog.  Bear with me here, still setting things up and my hands kind of tired today since I’m doing this after working all day today.  So come back often, might read some funny articles, jokes, reviews, news and random stuff.

Until then, visit us @!


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