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Been a few days since last post, we been busy around here latetly.  Couple people decided to call for days off so their work is of course passed onto a couple other people and I just happen to be one of them.  So really didn’t have time to sit down and type things up, to make up for it I’m doing this on a Saturday, which I usually don’t do anything.

Well the “The Honey Sack” is being put together now.  It has two versions so far.  Exactly, what is in it to make each different, I’m not sure.  That’s up to two other people that’s putting it together.

There will be some pricing adjustment coming soon and also there will be new discount code coming soon.  I believe right before or after Thanksgiving……for those who doesn’t know, AIDS awareness is around end of Nov. and beginning of Dec.   so I’m guessing my promotion department will let me know by then.

Other than, nothing really going right now, just chugging along and hopefully going to get to enjoy the weekend!


Have Fun, Bee Safe!

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Enjoy! :)

we been looking at this site for a few days now.  pretty sure some of you found it already too since it’s kind of spreading like wildfire.  for those who haven’t, take a look and hopefully u’ll be a bit happier.

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Quick Update and NEW Item Coming Soon!

Been busy here the last few days so haven’t been able to post anything.  So just a quick update, review for Night Light should be coming soon(no pun intended).  Also a new item should be listed onto the site pretty soon, The Honeycomb (name might be change between now and listing).

The Honeycomb is a collection of different types of condoms, between 21-25 types number still being decided, so you can try them without having to purchase a whole pack.  The list of condoms that will be included is being put together right now but I do know some of them that will be in it.

Night Light

ONE 576

ONE Classic

Durex Her Sensation

Durex Extra Sensitive

LifeStyles His N Her Pleasure

WET 3.5 oz Lube

That is all I know so far, like I said, list is still being made up, as soon as I know more I will post, or you can just check it out on the site once it’s listed.

Have Fun,  BEE Safe!

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Short Post, Interesting Article!

Here’s an article for the day.  I copied and pasted it to the blog so I won’t have to link too much.

That’s really it for today, just wanted to share the article.

Lessons in Sexual Seduction

Melt Her Mind

Stimulate the organ between her ears

Seduction begins above the shoulders, so her satisfaction may depend on the attention you pay to her mind. Even the pinnacle of sex, the orgasm, can be a cognitive process that’s separate from erotic or sexual context, says Barry Komisaruk, Ph.D., coauthor of The Science of Orgasm. Here are some brainy ways to arouse her.

1. Write a Sexual Script
Coauthor an erotic story by text-messaging episodes to each other. As you end your episode with a sexual cliff-hanger, she picks up the tale. A 2006 study showed that fertile women looking for casual sex found men with creative intelligence more desirable than men with money. So ditch the primal phrases (“I want you so bad”) and use your imagination. And women are tired of typo-ridden booty calls, says sexologist Yvonne K. Fulbright, Ph.D. “It’s a novel turn-on if you can articulate your passion in a way that engages her.”

Brain effect: One study found that women have more gray matter dedicated to language than men do. “Anything that plays to her inherent strengths and puts her in the role of director is always going to be hot for her,” Fulbright says.

The key: Leave your first message open-ended, such as “What would you do if . . .” When you’re alone together later, play out your script.

2. Watch and Learn
Indie or foreign films are often candid about sex — it’s stealth porn. The artsy context will nullify her inhibitions. See the Independent Film Channel’s 50 Greatest Sex Scenes in Cinema at Try 9 Songs or Y Tu Mamá También.

Brain effect: “You need to turn off her amygdala, the fear and anxiety part of her brain,” says Fulbright. “A relaxed mind and body allows her sexual response to kick in more fluidly.” Women’s brains quickly respond to erotically charged images, one study found. Emotion helps, too. Levels of oxytocin, the chemical that kindles trust and bonding, rise in women after they watch romantic-movie clips with supportive husbands or boyfriends, according to University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill researchers.

The key: Don’t be passive. When a hot scene ends, ask her what she’d do differently if she were directing, and volunteer to be the male lead.

3. Solve the Sex Puzzle
While lounging with the Sunday paper, propose a race to see who can finish a puzzle like sudoku first. Winner gets a sexual favor.

Brain effect: Dopamine, one of the neurotransmitters behind arousal, is activated by a reward. “Getting her excited in nonsexual ways will translate to a higher likelihood of sexual arousal,” says Daniel Amen, M.D., the author of Sex on the Brain.

The key: There should be plenty of playful touching and caressing so that by the end you’re both worked up. Nix the trash talking and the victory dance, too. A little competition is good, but a lot can be a turn-off.

4. Set a Musical Mood
Covertly load a specially chosen playlist onto her MP3 player.

Brain effect: Certain brain regions fire up before sex, and a study found that similar ones become active if she connects emotionally to the tunes. “For women, foreplay is everything that happens in the 24 hours preceding sex,” says Louann Brizendine, M.D., a neuropsychiatrist at the University of California at San Francisco, and the author of The Female Brain. “Your goal is to build a context for sex.”

The key: Upbeat songs that are harmonious can activate the pleasure center of her limbic system, a McGill University study found. Organize your songs to mimic the stages of arousal, from playful (“Who Let You Go?” by the Killers) to passionate (“Little of Your Time” by Maroon 5) to intense (“Summer Love” by Justin Timberlake).

Upgrade Her Orgasm: This position could be her key to satisfaction
Orgasms are better if they’re reached during intercourse, according to a 2007 survey in Sexual and Relationship Therapy. Of 1,256 women surveyed, those who had achieved vaginal orgasm were more satisfied with their sex lives, mental health, and personal relationships than those who had never had a vaginal orgasm. In one study, the Coital Alignment Technique (CAT) helped women gain a 56 percent increase in orgasms during sex. It allows the base of the penis to stimulate the clitoris. Its intimacy helps her achieve a stronger orgasm, faster, says sex therapist Aaron Pierce, Ph.D.

1. From the missionary position, shift your pelvis forward so that the base of your penis is pressed against her clitoris.

2. Rest on your elbows. Wrap her legs around your thighs, so her ankles rest on your calves.

3. As she raises her pelvis, you exert firm counterpressure by holding your hips steady. On the downward movement, propel your hips down as she counters with upward resistance.

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ONE 576 Sensation Review

OK, this is the first review being posted…..I’m posting it under the daily blog section because I don’t know how to move it to Review Section I had created.  So if anyone have any clue, please let me know.  Thanks.

The review is separated into 2 parts, one from the guy and one from girl.  Of course, after reading the reviews, if you feel like trying it out yourself, just visit us at’t link b/c WordPress warned me not to do it too much, so please copy and paste or just type it in your browser) to find and purchase them.

ONE 576 Sensation

His View:

The condom did feel different than other condoms I used before. The only way I can describe the difference is it felt a little silkier. Also I didn’t smell the usual condom smell, it still had a scent but it was different and didn’t bother me any. It fit pretty nicely on me, it wasn’t too tight, which to me always feels nice, but at the same time the base of it seem to be tight enough so nothing gets thru.

Her View:

Didn’t really count to see if there were exactly 576 studs on it, but it did looked and felt like it had more studs than other condoms. The feeling of the condom material itself was almost the same once it was inside but when I first opened it, it was differently different.  I can also actually feel the studs, on some of the other condoms I don’t.  So it did make it a little more fun for me.  🙂

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The Day After! New President-elect

Well congrats to our new president elect, Barack Obama.  McCain also needs to receive credit for being the candidate he has been and for the speech he made last night.  BTW, personal opinion, Cindy McCain is hot….I think lot hotter than Palin.  I know I said leave all the politics to all the news and political analysts but no matter who won last night, it’s too big of news to ignore it.  But there will be no bashing on anyone on this blog.  Hope all of you remember where you were last night b/c it’s a pretty big and historical night in US history.  Now that election is over, I hope everyone will stop the bickering and just hope that the new president will do what will be in the best interest of the people once he is in office.

As for the ONE 576 Sensation, the review is up.  It’s the first review so I wasn’t exactly sure what to include, I gave the people that were reviewing it very vague frame to follow.  I pretty much told them to just write what they want and doesn’t have to be long and hopefully it’s not a one sentence review either.  If anyone have suggestions on what they would like to see on it, just leave a comment and I will try to incorporate that into the future reviews.

Also here is the video that I was trying to post up yesterday.  Enjoy!

P.S.  We’re also on Twitter so look us up and follow us.  Thanks.

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Election Day! Go Vote!

Ok, so I think almost everyone knows that today is election day.  So go out and vote.  Anyways, we will leave all that to the news and politicial analysts people.

Sorry I didn’t post the review for the ONE 576 Sensation condoms yet.  Got a little busy the last few days, with Halloween, business meet and volunteering.  And today been busy too, also I wasn’t able to post the last few times I tried b/c WordPress had the account on hold,  but that is all resolved….turns out I can’t a link in every post.  So you guys can’t just click on them anymore, going to have to copy and paste somtimes. As for the reviews, I will get them up by tomorrow the latest.  I will try to aim for later today but no promises.

I was going to link a video onto this post but since I been told don’t do it too much, you guys get to enjoy a nice picture of this little guy instead….not that little guy get your head out of the gutter.


Stay Safe, Have Fun!

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