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ONE 576 Sensation Review

OK, this is the first review being posted…..I’m posting it under the daily blog section because I don’t know how to move it to Review Section I had created.  So if anyone have any clue, please let me know.  Thanks.

The review is separated into 2 parts, one from the guy and one from girl.  Of course, after reading the reviews, if you feel like trying it out yourself, just visit us at’t link b/c WordPress warned me not to do it too much, so please copy and paste or just type it in your browser) to find and purchase them.

ONE 576 Sensation

His View:

The condom did feel different than other condoms I used before. The only way I can describe the difference is it felt a little silkier. Also I didn’t smell the usual condom smell, it still had a scent but it was different and didn’t bother me any. It fit pretty nicely on me, it wasn’t too tight, which to me always feels nice, but at the same time the base of it seem to be tight enough so nothing gets thru.

Her View:

Didn’t really count to see if there were exactly 576 studs on it, but it did looked and felt like it had more studs than other condoms. The feeling of the condom material itself was almost the same once it was inside but when I first opened it, it was differently different.  I can also actually feel the studs, on some of the other condoms I don’t.  So it did make it a little more fun for me.  🙂

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