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A really funny show! Better than whatever reality show we get here

We just found a new show to watch when we’re not working around here.  It is a reality tv show from Japan, an old show but we have to say it probably beats every reality show we have here…maybe except amazing race, amazing race probably on par with it.

anyways the show is called DENPA SHONEN, it’s a reality show which a guy is lock in an apt with pretty much nothing…from clothes to food…he can get them but only by winning them through contests….it’s a funny show.

here’s the link to the first episode on hulu.

remember to turn on the subs, it appears on the left of the volume control

yea so no condom news right now, hope you guys will enjoy the show too!  🙂

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Training for Sex Video

Yea, so someone at work found this online….rather interesting so thought we share.

Enjoy. 🙂

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New Promo Code for AIDS Awareness Week

Forgot to include the code yesterday when I typed up the entry.


Just type it in the promo code box at checkout and you will receive 15% off your entire order.  Also for a limited time,  if you purchase $25.00 or more, type in Blog as a message to us and you will get bump up to Priority Mail shipping for free.  Just purchase $25.00 or more then pick free shipping, and type Blog as a msg to us and we will take care of the rest.

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World AIDS Day, Remember Always Bee Safe

Well I’m back posting for….took a little break during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, hope everyone had their turkey and stuffings.  We actually got together during the weekend and gone fishing and it was a good fishing day.  We caught over, I believe, over 30 fish in about 4 hours.  🙂  But it was mostly the girls that were catching(the fish), I’m not sure why but everything was taking their hooks and the guys pretty much stood around or helped in unhooking the fish for the girls.  A little embarassing since the guys were the so called “experts” out of the group.  Either way it was good day, great weather, great fishing, and the fish tasted great too.

As many of you may or may not know, today is World AIDS day.  Which to us at is pretty important.  One of the main reasons why CondomBee was started is to hopefully prevent the spread of AIDS and other STDs.  Although, the number of cases each year been lower, the number is still too great.  Also, even with everyone being aware of AIDS and other STDs and how condoms can effectively prevent and lower the chance of infection, many people still do not use during intercourse.

Many people cite uncomfortable feeling, tight feel, odor, taste and texture of the condoms as reasons to why they do not use it.  That is why CondomBee offers many different types of lubricants and condoms from size, flavor to texture.

Find the condom that fits correctly so it will not feel too tight or too loose and always remember to PUT ON THE CONDOM AFTER YOUR PENIS IS IN FULL ERECTION! A correctly fitted condoms should be tight around the base of the penis but not so tight that it feels like it is digging in.  Start out with the regular size, if that feels too tight then you know you might have to look into XL.  Or if it feels too loose, then you might have to try Snugger Fit or condoms that are design to be tighter such as Crowns, which people say it gives a thinner feel.  Either way, you should try and find the one that fits you best, everyone is different and that’s why there are so many different condoms.  LADIES, this isn’t just a job for guys too, you should help them out as well, especially if it is too tight or loose during intercourse it will affect you as well.  From losing the condom to the guy feeling too tight and start being too aggressive.

If taste and smell are what is bothering you, then try the flavor condoms by Lifestyle and Trustex.  Each offer several flavors to choose from ranging from cola, fruit flavors to mint.  Or you can try the ONE brand condoms, these condoms are made with different type of material to hopefully eliminate some of the taste and odor that are usually associated with condoms.

The ONE condoms also provides a different type of texture as well.  This is because of the material it is made of.  As mentioned above, this was to hopefully eliminate odor, taste and texture as well.

There are also lubricants that will help in eliminating odor and taste of condoms.  The WET Flavor lubes were made with that purpose in mind.  There are flavors from cherry to blueberry.  The lubricants can also changed how condoms feel as well.  Sometimes people have sex without the vagina being fully wet which will result in pain for the ladies or if you are having anal intercourse, it will cause pain in the rectum and possibly tears.  But DO NOT just use any type of lubricant, some lubricants actually can damage condoms which will lower its effectiveness.  The lubes offer on are all safe to use but if you choose another brand, make sure it is safe and some household “lubes” can cause damages as well.  If you’re not sure which lubricant you will like, we suggest buying the foil packets first to try them out.  This way you get a feel of how each lubricant are and if you do not like it, you will not be wasting an entire bottle.

If you have questions of which condom or lubricant to purchase, please feel free to contact us through our website:

Or you can reach us by phone at:  813-885-7304

Although, we do joke around on our blog and in real life, the prevention of spreading of STDs is our passion and our business here at

Have Fun, Bee Safe.  🙂

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Been a few days since last post, we been busy around here latetly.  Couple people decided to call for days off so their work is of course passed onto a couple other people and I just happen to be one of them.  So really didn’t have time to sit down and type things up, to make up for it I’m doing this on a Saturday, which I usually don’t do anything.

Well the “The Honey Sack” is being put together now.  It has two versions so far.  Exactly, what is in it to make each different, I’m not sure.  That’s up to two other people that’s putting it together.

There will be some pricing adjustment coming soon and also there will be new discount code coming soon.  I believe right before or after Thanksgiving……for those who doesn’t know, AIDS awareness is around end of Nov. and beginning of Dec.   so I’m guessing my promotion department will let me know by then.

Other than, nothing really going right now, just chugging along and hopefully going to get to enjoy the weekend!


Have Fun, Bee Safe!

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Enjoy! :)

we been looking at this site for a few days now.  pretty sure some of you found it already too since it’s kind of spreading like wildfire.  for those who haven’t, take a look and hopefully u’ll be a bit happier.

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Quick Update and NEW Item Coming Soon!

Been busy here the last few days so haven’t been able to post anything.  So just a quick update, review for Night Light should be coming soon(no pun intended).  Also a new item should be listed onto the site pretty soon, The Honeycomb (name might be change between now and listing).

The Honeycomb is a collection of different types of condoms, between 21-25 types number still being decided, so you can try them without having to purchase a whole pack.  The list of condoms that will be included is being put together right now but I do know some of them that will be in it.

Night Light

ONE 576

ONE Classic

Durex Her Sensation

Durex Extra Sensitive

LifeStyles His N Her Pleasure

WET 3.5 oz Lube

That is all I know so far, like I said, list is still being made up, as soon as I know more I will post, or you can just check it out on the site once it’s listed.

Have Fun,  BEE Safe!

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