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Short Post, Interesting Article!

Here’s an article for the day.  I copied and pasted it to the blog so I won’t have to link too much.

That’s really it for today, just wanted to share the article.

Lessons in Sexual Seduction

Melt Her Mind

Stimulate the organ between her ears

Seduction begins above the shoulders, so her satisfaction may depend on the attention you pay to her mind. Even the pinnacle of sex, the orgasm, can be a cognitive process that’s separate from erotic or sexual context, says Barry Komisaruk, Ph.D., coauthor of The Science of Orgasm. Here are some brainy ways to arouse her.

1. Write a Sexual Script
Coauthor an erotic story by text-messaging episodes to each other. As you end your episode with a sexual cliff-hanger, she picks up the tale. A 2006 study showed that fertile women looking for casual sex found men with creative intelligence more desirable than men with money. So ditch the primal phrases (“I want you so bad”) and use your imagination. And women are tired of typo-ridden booty calls, says sexologist Yvonne K. Fulbright, Ph.D. “It’s a novel turn-on if you can articulate your passion in a way that engages her.”

Brain effect: One study found that women have more gray matter dedicated to language than men do. “Anything that plays to her inherent strengths and puts her in the role of director is always going to be hot for her,” Fulbright says.

The key: Leave your first message open-ended, such as “What would you do if . . .” When you’re alone together later, play out your script.

2. Watch and Learn
Indie or foreign films are often candid about sex — it’s stealth porn. The artsy context will nullify her inhibitions. See the Independent Film Channel’s 50 Greatest Sex Scenes in Cinema at Try 9 Songs or Y Tu Mamá También.

Brain effect: “You need to turn off her amygdala, the fear and anxiety part of her brain,” says Fulbright. “A relaxed mind and body allows her sexual response to kick in more fluidly.” Women’s brains quickly respond to erotically charged images, one study found. Emotion helps, too. Levels of oxytocin, the chemical that kindles trust and bonding, rise in women after they watch romantic-movie clips with supportive husbands or boyfriends, according to University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill researchers.

The key: Don’t be passive. When a hot scene ends, ask her what she’d do differently if she were directing, and volunteer to be the male lead.

3. Solve the Sex Puzzle
While lounging with the Sunday paper, propose a race to see who can finish a puzzle like sudoku first. Winner gets a sexual favor.

Brain effect: Dopamine, one of the neurotransmitters behind arousal, is activated by a reward. “Getting her excited in nonsexual ways will translate to a higher likelihood of sexual arousal,” says Daniel Amen, M.D., the author of Sex on the Brain.

The key: There should be plenty of playful touching and caressing so that by the end you’re both worked up. Nix the trash talking and the victory dance, too. A little competition is good, but a lot can be a turn-off.

4. Set a Musical Mood
Covertly load a specially chosen playlist onto her MP3 player.

Brain effect: Certain brain regions fire up before sex, and a study found that similar ones become active if she connects emotionally to the tunes. “For women, foreplay is everything that happens in the 24 hours preceding sex,” says Louann Brizendine, M.D., a neuropsychiatrist at the University of California at San Francisco, and the author of The Female Brain. “Your goal is to build a context for sex.”

The key: Upbeat songs that are harmonious can activate the pleasure center of her limbic system, a McGill University study found. Organize your songs to mimic the stages of arousal, from playful (“Who Let You Go?” by the Killers) to passionate (“Little of Your Time” by Maroon 5) to intense (“Summer Love” by Justin Timberlake).

Upgrade Her Orgasm: This position could be her key to satisfaction
Orgasms are better if they’re reached during intercourse, according to a 2007 survey in Sexual and Relationship Therapy. Of 1,256 women surveyed, those who had achieved vaginal orgasm were more satisfied with their sex lives, mental health, and personal relationships than those who had never had a vaginal orgasm. In one study, the Coital Alignment Technique (CAT) helped women gain a 56 percent increase in orgasms during sex. It allows the base of the penis to stimulate the clitoris. Its intimacy helps her achieve a stronger orgasm, faster, says sex therapist Aaron Pierce, Ph.D.

1. From the missionary position, shift your pelvis forward so that the base of your penis is pressed against her clitoris.

2. Rest on your elbows. Wrap her legs around your thighs, so her ankles rest on your calves.

3. As she raises her pelvis, you exert firm counterpressure by holding your hips steady. On the downward movement, propel your hips down as she counters with upward resistance.


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ONE 576 Sensation Review

OK, this is the first review being posted…..I’m posting it under the daily blog section because I don’t know how to move it to Review Section I had created.  So if anyone have any clue, please let me know.  Thanks.

The review is separated into 2 parts, one from the guy and one from girl.  Of course, after reading the reviews, if you feel like trying it out yourself, just visit us at’t link b/c WordPress warned me not to do it too much, so please copy and paste or just type it in your browser) to find and purchase them.

ONE 576 Sensation

His View:

The condom did feel different than other condoms I used before. The only way I can describe the difference is it felt a little silkier. Also I didn’t smell the usual condom smell, it still had a scent but it was different and didn’t bother me any. It fit pretty nicely on me, it wasn’t too tight, which to me always feels nice, but at the same time the base of it seem to be tight enough so nothing gets thru.

Her View:

Didn’t really count to see if there were exactly 576 studs on it, but it did looked and felt like it had more studs than other condoms. The feeling of the condom material itself was almost the same once it was inside but when I first opened it, it was differently different.  I can also actually feel the studs, on some of the other condoms I don’t.  So it did make it a little more fun for me.  🙂

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The Day After! New President-elect

Well congrats to our new president elect, Barack Obama.  McCain also needs to receive credit for being the candidate he has been and for the speech he made last night.  BTW, personal opinion, Cindy McCain is hot….I think lot hotter than Palin.  I know I said leave all the politics to all the news and political analysts but no matter who won last night, it’s too big of news to ignore it.  But there will be no bashing on anyone on this blog.  Hope all of you remember where you were last night b/c it’s a pretty big and historical night in US history.  Now that election is over, I hope everyone will stop the bickering and just hope that the new president will do what will be in the best interest of the people once he is in office.

As for the ONE 576 Sensation, the review is up.  It’s the first review so I wasn’t exactly sure what to include, I gave the people that were reviewing it very vague frame to follow.  I pretty much told them to just write what they want and doesn’t have to be long and hopefully it’s not a one sentence review either.  If anyone have suggestions on what they would like to see on it, just leave a comment and I will try to incorporate that into the future reviews.

Also here is the video that I was trying to post up yesterday.  Enjoy!

P.S.  We’re also on Twitter so look us up and follow us.  Thanks.

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Election Day! Go Vote!

Ok, so I think almost everyone knows that today is election day.  So go out and vote.  Anyways, we will leave all that to the news and politicial analysts people.

Sorry I didn’t post the review for the ONE 576 Sensation condoms yet.  Got a little busy the last few days, with Halloween, business meet and volunteering.  And today been busy too, also I wasn’t able to post the last few times I tried b/c WordPress had the account on hold,  but that is all resolved….turns out I can’t a link in every post.  So you guys can’t just click on them anymore, going to have to copy and paste somtimes. As for the reviews, I will get them up by tomorrow the latest.  I will try to aim for later today but no promises.

I was going to link a video onto this post but since I been told don’t do it too much, you guys get to enjoy a nice picture of this little guy instead….not that little guy get your head out of the gutter.


Stay Safe, Have Fun!

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Happy Halloween!

It’s great that Halloween is on Friday this year…..can actually party and get drunk on Halloween without worrying having to wake up the next to do something.  Well it’s been a nice day so far for us, wake up work, lunch, work then we get off work early today.  Thank you boss!

The ONE 576 Sensation condom review should be up once I figure out how to do the post vs page stuff figure out.  I’m hoping by later today before the evening. BTW, the discount code ends soon.  The code is:  H31 You can get 15% off your entire order when you enter it at checkout at I believe it ends on Sunday midnight, so hurry up and use it. Other than that HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!  Stay safe and have fun!

Here’s a link to a pretty hot witch.  Sorry ladies, I don’t know where to go to find hot guys pics for Halloween so it’s not that I didn’t want to…..ok maybe I kind of didn’t want to search for half naked guys in Halloween costumes.

Happy Halloween from CondomBee

Happy Halloween from CondomBee

You know you want to click on it.

You know you want to click on it.

P.S.  REMEMBER TIME CHANGE IS THIS WEEKEND!  So fall back 1 hour this Sunday!  Fall, you fall back 1 hr, Spring, you spring forward 1 hr.  This been a friendly Public Service Announcement from your neighborhood Condom Bee. 🙂

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Just Because it’s Awesome.

one of the staff member was browsing and found the video and since i posted a pic of a cat before she wants the video on too.  hope you guys like it.

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Thank you Rays for great season!

Probably how one feels when they didn't use a condom. 🙂

Yea, that’s how we felt when we saw our last batter struck out at the plate last night.  All the staff members at watched the last 2 1/2 innings of game 5 and collectively that’s how we felt.  But that feeling didn’t last too long since it was a great season still.  Especially since nobody thought Rays would even get into the playoffs at the start of the season.  Hopefully it’s a start of something for years to come.

Now I personally hope that people in Philly have lots of insurance.  From what I saw on news, the setting cars on fire, heard there was a house set on fire too, glass bottle breaking all over and the portable potty tossing, it’s gonna hit the pocketbooks a bit.

Anyways, onto condoms and more.  1st review should be up soon, it will be on the ONE 576 Sensation.  So check back soon, hopefully I will be able to post it up.  Might create a new page on the blog to post the reviews instead of just posting on this page, if i can figure it out.  That’s probably how the question asking section will be set up too.

You know you want to click on it.

You know you want to click on it.

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New Week and Still Hoping for Rays! BTW Clitoral Stimulation info.

Ok, so good monday evening to everyone from CondomBee.  It’s about 7:41 PM EST so that means game 5 is about to start in a bit.  Sucks Rays lost last night but there is another game.  Hmm and Sarah Palin was in town, that an interesting part of day…..being stuck in traffic.

Anyways, I hope you guys had a fun weekend and that you been using that limited time promo code.  Halloween is right around the corner so the code will stop working pretty soon.

Below is a link to an article I think you guys might find interesting.  Again, I copied and pasted the article onto the blog so enjoy.

In case some of you that don’t know what promo code to use at

It is: H31 Pretty easy to remember, just think Halloween.



Sex Tips for Clitoral Stimulation

Master Her Body

Sexy women reveal how to tease them, please them, and make them beg for more
Edited by: Matt Bean

The clitoris is not a bull’s-eye, power switch, or launch button. “You can’t just go for the gold,” says Rebecca Chalker, author of The Clitoral Truth. “You might short-circuit her body’s elaborate arousal process.” Your step-by-step guide to treating her right by taking it slow:


The nerve-packed tip of the clitoris is sensitive at first, says Chalker. But just above the clitoral tip lies a short shaft — a genetic cousin to your penis — that can help her warm up. Try this: After some foreplay, stimulate this inner shaft. Push down on her lower abdomen with your outstretched fingers, massaging the skin on either side of her vagina in a scissors motion, causing the skin of her inner labia to caress the shaft.


Gradually tease inward with your fingers, occasionally brushing against and lubricating the clitoral hood and the length of her inner lips in a light up-and-down motion. Try this: Position yourself between her legs and use your palm to cover her vulva, keeping your fingers stretched over her pubic mound (as if you were palming a basketball). Use her lips to gently tease the clitoris.


On the brink of orgasm, a symphony of muscles and ligaments pulls the clitoral tip back under its hood. “It’s a good sign,” says Debby Herbenick, Ph.D., the Men’s Health “Bedroom Confidential” columnist. Try this: If she’s comfortable with direct stimulation, replace your palm with two fingers on the tip of her clitoris. “Once she’s fully aroused, she’s just as eager and hungry as you are,” says Susie Bright, editor of the Best American Erotica series. Start light and increase pressure until you find her sweet spot.


If direct touch is too much, stimulate the inner labia. Try this: Use your fingers or a toy to stimulate the buried “legs” of her clitoris, which run up into her vaginal wall like a wishbone at 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock. “Just before orgasm, look for contractions around her vagina and lower abdomen,” says Herbenick.


A woman’s blood flows freely through her tissues after orgasm, making repeat performances easier. Try this: From behind, angle your penis down at the vaginal wall. In the missionary position, keep pressure on her most sensitive spot with your lower abdomen by tipping your hips forward.


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Happy Friday and NEW PROMO CODE to use for Purchase.

It’s finally Friday and it was a good Thursday night with the Rays evening the series.  Short post today since I would like to get home a little earlier tonight.

NEWS from

New Promotional Code:  H31 (Starting today and ends on 10/31 midnight)

The code enables you to receive 15% off your entire order!  Remember it is a limited time offer.

Free Shipping is always available.

Of course, all buyers will receive another promotional code for the next purchase too!

Have a fun weekend and stay safe!


Hopefully everyone is using condoms during intercourse but in case some of you need a little crash course click on the following:  Crash Course

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Go Rays! Also article for INCREDIBLE SEX.

Ok, so last night wasn’t a great night for the Rays, but we at is hoping for a turn around tonight.  We’re in Tampa so of course we’re rooting for the home teams, besides we might not have another year like this.  So we enjoying it while we can.  Some lucky people here got tickets and I’m not one of them 😦  They all already asked to get off early to get to the game but I probably going to hit the local bar or someone’s house.

Anyways, below is a link to an article that we found that is quite helpful.  I’ve also copied and pasted the article here so you can read it here too.  🙂


Have Incredible First-Time Sex

Even experienced men make rookie mistakes when they go to bed with a new woman for the first time. And she’s taking mental notes. “First-time sex gives her a sense of your generosity and how much you care about her,” says the sex therapist Sandor Gardos, Ph.D. Nearly two-thirds of the 2,385 women we polled say they consider first-time sex an indicator of a relationship’s potential. Here’s how to best finesse your first.

Put in the Time
The three-date rule is not reliable. The majority of women we polled said they typically wait eight or more dates before sleeping with a man. She’ll drop hints when she’s ready. Your green light: When she creates total privacy for the two of you, says Darcy Luadzers, Ph.D., a sex therapist and the author of The Ten Minute Sexual Solution. Has she invited you over for dinner and mentioned that her roommates are out of town? Take the hint.

Pay Lip Service
Lots of kissing reassures her that you’re not simply out for sex, says Yvonne K. Fulbright, Ph.D., the author of Touch Me There! Only one in seven women would consider sleeping with you without a makeout session first, reveals a study in Evolutionary Psychology. And two-thirds of women have ended a relationship based on the first kiss, possibly because the man was a sloppy kisser. Trace her lips with your tongue, and alternate soft kisses with gentle sucking on her lips.

Descend Slowly
Spend at least 15 minutes kissing and caressing before moving below. Many women take about 8 minutes to become aroused before they want clitoral stimulation, “so double that and you should have her at the brink,” says Luadzers. Trace your hand along the outside of her hips, slowly working your way between her legs.

Use Your Head
If you’re receiving encouragement, kiss your way down. Fifty-two percent of women in our poll said they want you to spend at least 15 minutes south of the border. Using your tongue, make your first full stroke from her perineum to her inner labia, and then barely touch her clitoris. Stop. Let her breathe while you kiss her inner thighs. Repeat.

Ace the Main Event
In our exclusive poll, a plurality of women (38 percent) said 10 to 20 minutes of intercourse is all they desire. Keep your Kama Sutra on the shelf: Sixty-six percent want to keep the positioning fairly tame at first. Have her lie back with her knees slightly bent, and place pillows under her hips, torso, and head. That’ll allow you to kneel between her legs and enter her as you simultaneously stroke her clitoris with your hand, says Patti Taylor, Ph.D., the host of the podcast Expanded Lovemaking.

Upgrade Your Endgame
Your postcoital plan should reassure her that you’re not just out for a one-night stand. Start with the obvious: cuddling. Fifty-six percent of women want about 20 minutes of closeness. It doesn’t take much. “Even just taking her hand or laying your arm over her stomach is enough to make the point,” Gardos says. And don’t forget the follow-up: Fifty-nine percent want a phone call the next day, not a less-personal e-mail or text. Give her a quick buzz after work—you won’t look overeager, but she’ll still feel wanted.

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