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Election Day! Go Vote!

Ok, so I think almost everyone knows that today is election day.  So go out and vote.  Anyways, we will leave all that to the news and politicial analysts people.

Sorry I didn’t post the review for the ONE 576 Sensation condoms yet.  Got a little busy the last few days, with Halloween, business meet and volunteering.  And today been busy too, also I wasn’t able to post the last few times I tried b/c WordPress had the account on hold,  but that is all resolved….turns out I can’t a link in every post.  So you guys can’t just click on them anymore, going to have to copy and paste somtimes. As for the reviews, I will get them up by tomorrow the latest.  I will try to aim for later today but no promises.

I was going to link a video onto this post but since I been told don’t do it too much, you guys get to enjoy a nice picture of this little guy instead….not that little guy get your head out of the gutter.


Stay Safe, Have Fun!

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