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The Day After! New President-elect

Well congrats to our new president elect, Barack Obama.  McCain also needs to receive credit for being the candidate he has been and for the speech he made last night.  BTW, personal opinion, Cindy McCain is hot….I think lot hotter than Palin.  I know I said leave all the politics to all the news and political analysts but no matter who won last night, it’s too big of news to ignore it.  But there will be no bashing on anyone on this blog.  Hope all of you remember where you were last night b/c it’s a pretty big and historical night in US history.  Now that election is over, I hope everyone will stop the bickering and just hope that the new president will do what will be in the best interest of the people once he is in office.

As for the ONE 576 Sensation, the review is up.  It’s the first review so I wasn’t exactly sure what to include, I gave the people that were reviewing it very vague frame to follow.  I pretty much told them to just write what they want and doesn’t have to be long and hopefully it’s not a one sentence review either.  If anyone have suggestions on what they would like to see on it, just leave a comment and I will try to incorporate that into the future reviews.

Also here is the video that I was trying to post up yesterday.  Enjoy!

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