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Thank you Rays for great season!

Probably how one feels when they didn't use a condom. 🙂

Yea, that’s how we felt when we saw our last batter struck out at the plate last night.  All the staff members at watched the last 2 1/2 innings of game 5 and collectively that’s how we felt.  But that feeling didn’t last too long since it was a great season still.  Especially since nobody thought Rays would even get into the playoffs at the start of the season.  Hopefully it’s a start of something for years to come.

Now I personally hope that people in Philly have lots of insurance.  From what I saw on news, the setting cars on fire, heard there was a house set on fire too, glass bottle breaking all over and the portable potty tossing, it’s gonna hit the pocketbooks a bit.

Anyways, onto condoms and more.  1st review should be up soon, it will be on the ONE 576 Sensation.  So check back soon, hopefully I will be able to post it up.  Might create a new page on the blog to post the reviews instead of just posting on this page, if i can figure it out.  That’s probably how the question asking section will be set up too.

You know you want to click on it.

You know you want to click on it.


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